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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Perfect Robotic Pool Cleaner. The only Maytronics Dolphin with a leaf bag.


Dolphin Premier


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The Dolphin Premier is a popular robot and has probably popped up a lot if you've been searching for a robotic pool cleaner. At the pinnacle of Dolphin's lineup, it is one of the most popular Dolphin pool cleaners. And maybe you're wondering if you can believe all the online praise. Luckily, I can tell you that the praise is well earned for the Premier, because it delivers the most powerful and effective clean we have ever seen.

Who should buy the Dolphin Premier?

The Dolphin Premier

Key Takeaways:

  • Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Leaves
  • Only Dolphin Cleaner with a Leaf Bag
  • Best Waterline Cleaning Robot
  • 3 Year Warranty

So what all is included with the Premier?

The Dolphin Premier includes the following:

The Dolphin Premier comes with everything you will ever need for your pool. Being the only robotic pool cleaner with Multi-Media & a Leaf Bag, we really want to drive how special this is. Every other Dolphin cleaner can only use a max of 2 media types and in most cases the 2nd option must be bought seperatly for upwards of $50+. The Premier includes 3 media types off the bat, with an optional disposable debris bag.

The leaf bag is a must have if you struggle with leaves. It captures exponentially more debris and leaves than cartridge filters. We found ourselves using the leag bag most of the time. But if you need to pick up fine debris such as sand, you can swap to the Ultra-fine filters in seconds. It is that easy with the Premier.

How does the Premier perform?

Let's start out with the performance of the Dolphin Premier. As soon as it was in the pool for a few minutes, I was already really impressed. It climbed the wall and cleaned the entire waterline of the pool, which is very rare to see in any pool robot. It would scrub horizontally along the waterline, dislodging algae and debris along the way.

Breaking down the design of the Premier, it is easy to see why it stands out and has such great cleaning performance.

First there are its HyperGrip tracks, which help the Premier stick to your pool floor so it never floats over debris. When it comes to the walls of your pool, these tracks perform just as well. In other words, the walls of your pool might as well be a flat floor with how well the Premier's tracks adhere to them.

Many pool robots have great tracks though, but what they are missing when it comes to being able to fly along and stay at the waterline are dual stabilizers. The handle-looking thing is not just there to make it easier to lift out of the water and carry around, although it is great for that as well. Its main function is to act as a counterbalance to help the Premier really stick to the wall and waterline so it can pull off its amazing cleaning feats.

Waterline Cleaning

So if it can clean the hardest part of your pool, the waterline, how does it do on the floor of the pool? Like we mentioned, the tracks do an amazing job at gripping the floor to ensure that the Premier can scrub and suck up every bit of debris. But the tracks are most effective with the help of an antitangle swivel. With the swivel, the Premier never gets any tangled cords, which would prevent it from reaching all of your pool.

Speaking of scrubbing, the Premier has dual scrubbing brushes which means it has double the scrubbing power of most budget pool robots, so it can truly scrub your pool clean. Being able to scrub away all the debris is only helpful if the robot can actually hold and collect the type of debris that it is carrying.

Multi-Media Filtration. A Must Have.

This brings me to the other amazing feature that no other robotic pool cleaner has: Multi-Media Filtration.

Most robotic pool cleaners only come with one, and sometimes two, filter media. But the Premier offers four total options for the best possible pool cleaning. Every pool is unique, so by having the option to pick a fine cartridge for normal cleanings, or an ultrafine cartridge for cloudy pool water, or an oversized leaf bag for larger debris like twigs and leaves, or even a disposable debris bag, you can truly customize cleanings based on your pool's needs.

The Dolphin Premier is the only Dolphin cleaner with a leaf bag. This really impressed us when we were cleaning. Not only was it able to pick up small debris, algae, and sand, but it was also able to grab a bushel of leaves and small twigs in the same leaf bag. The oversized leaf bag that is included in the unit is a lifesaver. It is able to pick up around 3-4 times what other Dolphin cleaners can do.

Programmable Smart Timer. Set & Forget.

If you're not convinced of the Premier's impressive performance, then here are a few other features that make it stand far above other pool cleaners.

First, there's its programmable timer. It has options to schedule a cleaning every day, every two days, or every three days. This means that I don't have to walk outside and start the robot every day if I'm trying to get my pool back into shape. The scheduling option ensures I never miss a day of cleaning.

While we're talking about the power supply, I'd like to highlight a little feature that is easy to miss: the full filter indicator. Not many pool robots have this small addition, and that's a bummer because it's a big help in extending your pool cleaner's life and maximizing its ability to clean your pool. Since the Premier has it, you never have to take the robot out of the water to check its filters, the power supply will simply let you know.

And there's one more optional feature that you might love as much as I did if you have pesky spots in your pool. The Premier has an optional remote you can purchase that lets you drive and navigate the robot. This is great for a quick clean or a spot clean.


Finally, there's the Premier's 3-year warranty. 3 years is the best warranty I've seen on a residential robotic pool cleaner. Just imagine - that's 3 pool seasons you don't have to worry about pool maintenance.

We cannot stress enough how important this 3 year warranty is. Maytronics has excellent customer service and is able to turnaround the unit very quickly. Alongside that, Maytronics has hundreds of dealers and service center across the country. So in the rare event something does happen, the unit can be fixed super quickly wether it is sent direct to Maytronics or to your neighborhood Maytonics dealer!

Final Verdict

Okay, so what's my final Pool Nerd verdict on the Dolphin premier from Maytronics?


It's Pool Nerd Approved

It's hard to beat the Premier's amazing waterline cleaning, deep cleaning power, Multimedia filtration, programmable timer, and optional remote. In this robot, every piece is working in harmony to make it one of the best robotic pool cleaners I've ever used.

Ready to buy?

You can shop the Dolphin Premier on Amazon here. One of the best parts is that Amazon offers 2-Day Shipping and Free Returns so you don't have to worry about anything.

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Optional Accessories

While the Dolphin Premier includes everything you need and more to get started, there are a few things you may want to consider adding to your purchase. With accessories such as a caddy and remote, you can store your Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner and also manually control the Premier via the remote. We highly recommend the Terra Caddy! This premium caddy made of solid bamboo is uv, water, and weather-resistant and makes storing the Premier and its power supply super easy!

Terra Caddy - Our Top Pick

Remote for Dolphin Premier - Maytronics Part 9993179-R1

Dolphin Universal Caddy

Caddy Cover - Works for both Terra Caddy & Dolphin Universal Caddy

Alternative Robots

While you can't get much better than the Dolphin Premier, there may be a few alternatives to consider. A few of these things to consider are:

Luckily we have some alternative robots for these questions and more!

Want App Connectivity?

If you really want app connectivity, we would recommend the Dolphin Sigma. With an extra motor, quad scrubbing brushes, and more, there is a reason the Sigma is #1 on our Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaner list. While the Premier is right behind at #2, the Sigma has it all besides the leaf bag.

Shop the Dolphin Sigma

While Maytronics opted to give the Sigma the oversize filter cartridges that are larger than standard filter cartridges found on units such as the Nautilus CC Plus, it still is missing the leaf bag. While the oversize filter cartridges help a ton, it still is not as efficient as the oversized leaf bag that comes with the Premier. So if you struggle with leaves, the Premier would still be the choice for you!

Lower Budget?

If the price tag is discouraging, but you want nearly all of the same features found in the Dolphin Premier. Check out the Dolphin Quantum:

Shop the Dolphin Quantum

Less traditional than the Premier & Sigma, the Dolphin Quantum opts to using its PowerJet 3D Mobility to climb and adhere to the waterline. With an easy to clean & oversized top loading filter basket, the Quantum can hold a ton of debris. While it cannot rival the Premier's Oversized Leaf Bag, it can still hold a ton!

Have an above ground pool?

If you have an above ground pool, the Dolphin Premier is still going to be the best choice! However, if you're looking for an alternative that is cheaper, we recommend the Dolphin Escape.

Shop the Dolphin Escape

While you won't have essential features like waterline cleaning, multiple filter options, and more, the Dolphin Escape still gets the job done. In our testing, this is the best robotic pool cleaner for above ground pool cleaners.

Frequently asked questions about the Dolphin Premier

Does it have everything needed to get started?

Yes it does! It comes with everything needed to get started and more!

Is there a better performance cleaner at this price range?

No robot is even close to the value of the Premier. With commerical DC motors, Multi-media, waterline cleaning, and so much more, the Dolphin Premier is one of the best values in robotic pool cleaners.

Will it work an above ground pool?

Yes! The Premier works on above ground pools and any other type of pool including, but not limited to: gunite, fiberglass, tile, vinyl, and more!

I like the Dolphin Premier but don't want to spend so much. What do you recommend instead?

If you want nearly all of the same features of the Premier, we recommend checking out the Dolphin Quantum. With a top-loading filter basket and waterline cleaning, it is a great value!

Looking to spend less than $800? Check out the Dolphin Cayman! While it won't have waterline cleaning, it is a great basic cleaner to dive into robotic pool cleaners!

Ready to buy the Dolphin Premier?

Shop the Dolphin Premier on Amazon Here




Includes Oversized Leaf Bag, Ultra-fine Filter, Standard Filter

Tile & Waterline Cleaning


Vector Advanced Waterline Cleaning Ability



Calculates optimal cleaning route for faster cleaning & improved efficiency



Microprocessor controlled SmartNav 2.0 learns subject pool



Vacuums leaves, debris, pollen, twigs, algae, & more

Dual Stabilizers


Delivers superior agility, manueverability, & climbing performance

Energy Efficiency


Reduces energy costs up to 90% over AC powered cleaners

All Surfaces


Power scrubs and vacuums doors, steps, walls, and water line

Maximum Filtration Rate


Micro filters 75 gallons per minute for remarkable water quality

Micron Rating


2 micron - removes thet smallest contaminants, even green algae

Air Sensor


Learns water line elevation for superior water line cleaning



Dual 24 volt brushless DC energy-efficient, long-life motors

Anti-tangle Swivel


It's the world's only true cable swivel, a patented Dolphin exclusive

Have any questions?

Feel free to contact us and we'd be more than happy to help

ASIN: 724131496401
SKU / Part Number: 99996339-SPL
Author: The Pool Nerd
Date: April 6th, 2022

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