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Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Keep your pool clean and healthy.

Finding a pool cleaner isn't easy. With so many brands, names, and features, we have sorted though them for you and provide expert reviews on each. After months of testing, we have assembled the Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners to fit every pool's needs:

Why do you need a robotic pool cleaner?

The answer is simple. It does pool cleaning for you. With a robotic pool cleaner, pool maintenance becomes a breeze. The pool cleaner will automatically vacuum, scrub, and clean leaves, debris, bacteria, and algae found in your pool. This leaves less time to cleaning, and more time to enjoying your pool.

Rahter than suction side or pressure cleaners, robotic pool cleaners actively scrub and clean your pool. These robotic pool cleaners on our lists all have Smart Navigaton, such as SmartNav. With this, the cleaner can scan and navigate cleaning your pool with precision.

With so many brands & models, there is a lot to choose from. That is why here at The Pool Nerd, we have tested nearly all the robotic pool cleaners on the market and come up with the Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners. All of our reviews are based off of performance and value from hundreds of hours spent testing in our test pools.

5. The Dolphin Escape

The Dolphin Escape

Squeaking in at #5, the Dolphin Escape is the only above ground pool cleaner on our list. However, it certainly deserves the spot.

The Escape is a huge bang for your buck. With Dual HyperGrip tracks, an Oversized Filter Basket, and a 2 year warranty, we cannot recommend Escape enough.

4. The Aquabot Elite Pro

The Aquabot Elite Pro

Innovative Technology pushes this Aquabot to #4 on our list. With the new Aquabot RC app, you can control this unit right from your phone and can even pick your pool shape to the Elite Pro knows where to go.

Equipped with Quad Scrubbing Brushes, Dual High-capicity Filters, Onboard Gyroscope, and 3 Powerful DC motors, the Elite Pro can power over any obstacle with ease.

3. The Dolphin Quantum

The Dolphin Quantum

Redefine Pool Cleaning with the Dolphin Quantum. With a massive filter basket, waterline scrubbing, programmable timer, and so much more, the Dolphin Quantum has all you need in a robotic pool cleaner.

With SmartNav 2.0 and Jet Propelled techonology, the Quantum can get every inch of your pool with ease.

2. The Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier

At Spot #2, there is a lot to be said about the Dolphin Premier. With Dual Scrubbing brushes, Dual Stabilizers, Programable Timer, and our favorite, Multi-media, it won't let you down.

Being the only Dolphin with a leaf bag (an oversized one too!), the Premier lives up to its name. It comes with 3 different media types included with it to ensure it can clean anything you can throw at it. Lots of leaves and twigs? Use the Oversized Leaf Bag. Have a lot of fine dust and debris? Use the Ultra-fine filter cartridge. For anything else, simply throw in the Standard Cartridge filter!

1. The Dolphin Sigma

The Dolphin Sigma

The King of Robotic Pool Cleaners. With an onboard gyroscope and app to control it from your phone, it uses the same technology that the NASA Mars Rover uses. This gyroscope combined with it's SmartNav 3.0 Software, it can clean even the dirtest pool.

It also has Quad Scrubbing Brushes for 4x the scrubbing power! These brushes help actively scrub away tough debris and algae off of your pool walls and waterline, where most of the debris, algae, and bacteria is in your pool. Let the Sigma clean for you. Just sit back and relax.

The Sigma is a commercial unit, made residential. If you want the best of the best, this is it. With 3 commerical grade motors combined with waterline cleaning, the Sigma is able to scrub away even the toughest debris. The Dolphin Sigma comes with a best-in-class 3 year warranty. Maytronics only offers this full 3 warranty on the best of the best units.