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How We Test

We do the testing, so you don't have to

As experts in the pool industry, we provide real reviews that you can trust. Every product is reviewed in tested for weeks on end to ensure we cover every aspect of the robot.

From there, we don't only measure performance, but also other factors such as:

We aim to provide the best reviews on the internet. As an associate website, we don't get paid to review these, but rather earn a commision (at no cost to you) when you buy the product we review using our links.

Every unit is tested by one of our pool experts. Unlike other guys, we actually purchase the product, use it extensively, and provide real world insight into the usablilty of the unit, rather than just read the product description off.

We love to help find people the perfect robotic pool cleaner for their pool. So if you ever are stuck and can't figure out which one to buy, please make sure to contact us and we would be more than happy to help!